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Getting hit by a truck almost causes serious injuries to those involved. The impact by a truck upon a car, even at lower speeds causes great damage to passenger vehicles, bodily injuries to the driver of the car, the passengers can sustain injuries or the collision can cause death. Trucking accidents are more likely to result in a death than car accidents, simply due to the weight and size difference of an 18 wheeler semi truck or tractor-trailer versus a passenger car. Although a truck collision with a car will often result in a serious injury, when the truck driver was at fault for the accident, an immediate investigation should be conducted after the accident to preserve the evidence. Since trucks and trucking companies are regulated by the State and Federal governments, there should be various record, compliance reports, and other evidence available to review when a trucking accident causes an injury or death.

Some causes of trucking accidents are due to truck driver inexperience. A number of trucking companies don’t take responsible measures in the truck driver employment screening process. Many trucking companies will just hire a “body”; someone who has a CDL – truck driving license and not look at their previous employment history. Truck driver inexperience is the cause of many trucking accidents. Hiring inadequately trained cheap labor, overworking the inexperienced drivers, as well as improperly maintaining trucks, and plain old reckless driving often causes people serious injuries or to die needlessly in trucking accidents.

Trucking companies as well as the insurance companies that insure them, are completely aware of the amount of damage a trucking accident can cause. Trucking companies and their insurers usually have elaborate investigative processes and damage assessment teams available to show up quickly after a trucking accident. Their process is in place to limit their liability in order to defend themselves against accidents caused by their insured’s. Truck insurance companies will immediately dispatch their own investigators to the truck accident scene to collect their own evidence, pictures, and witness interviews, to take positions to spin the evidence their way as to mitigate their liability. Shortly after a truck crash accident, when the trucking accident victim is in an ambulance on their way to a hospital, the trucking company and their insurance company are doing whatever they can to defend themselves from liability. Even in situations where a truck accident is clearly the fault of the truck driver, a trucking company’s insurance will often hire the most expensive and sophisticated firms to defend themselves as to NOT have to pay. Trucking insurers will often risk significant resources for an outcome in their favor.

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