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Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP is a Houston-based litigation and appellate law firm proudly serving individuals and businesses.

Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP (SHM) is a litigation and appellate law firm. We are comprised of five litigators and a staff of paralegals.  Each of our partners previously worked at ‘big shop’ firms with big clients and even bigger hourly rates, before happily trading in their ‘tall building lawyer’ days to open our firm.

The partners of SHM pride themselves on offering the same service and advice that clients expect from large firms but with rates and personal attention one can get only from a smaller firm. The goal at SHM is — and always has been — to provide each client with the best representation possible, to deliver big firm expertise, but with the agility, personal touch and value for your money that only comes from working with a boutique firm.

When you work with SHM, you talk with us. You get the benefit of our knowledge directly from the attorney who is handling your case. At SHM, there is not an army of associates or other professionals between you and your attorney. And while there isn’t a bevy of attorneys generating “make-work” memos or attending meetings when that is not necessary, rest assured that, when you need to go toe-to-toe against the biggest, we have the resources you need to succeed.

Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP traces its roots to 2005, when two young attorneys formed Borunda & Hamdani. Not long after, Paul Simon joined Borunda & Hamdani, and the firm became known as Borunda Hamdani & Simon. In 2007, Hamdani left to become a U.S. Attorney, and Borunda left to pursue a family opportunity.  At roughly the same time, Kyle Herbert and Shane McClelland partnered to form Herbert & McClelland, LLP.  In 2008, Paul Simon merged his law practice with Kyle Herbert and Shane McClelland, and the firm became known as Simon Herbert & McClelland, with each of its partners once having worked for large law firms.

Whether you own a business, were injured in an accident, or are facing some other legal uncertainty, we believe you deserve to have your day in court. But litigation should never be the first option.  Lawsuits are expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally-draining. That’s why we counsel our clients on how to avoid disputes, when possible, and to manage those problems that are inevitable. It is also why we pride ourselves on resolving cases before they become full-blown lawsuits—but always with an eye towards achieving the best possible resolution to your problem, be it big or small. Because we know that, if it’s your problem, it’s never a small problem.

If litigation is the only avenue to resolve your problem, we at SHM also have the skill and knowledge you need so we can tell your story, whether to a jury of your peers, the judge, or an appellate court.

SHM believes that the law is the great equalizer and that everyone—no matter how big or how small—is entitled to justice. We believe in fighting hard for our clients and we do that every day we practice law. We take pride in helping people fight battles that they cannot fight on their own.

For our business clients, we aim to give you the legal advice necessary to help you make the best decisions for your company. As small business owners, we know what it means to build a business from the ground up, and we also know the deep pride that comes with sustaining your success and creating a livelihood not only for yourself and your family, but for all of your employees. Our goal is to provide real-life, real-time and really useful advice to help your business be successful in the board room and in the court room.

Over the years, we have successfully gone up against some of the world’s largest law firms.   Our success can be measured by our clients victories, including:  preventing the sale of a company’s only asset which prevented the wrongdoers from running away with corporate funds; dissolving a garnishment that had wrongfully trapped more than $40,000,000 of our client’s money; preventing the wrongful foreclosure of dozens of family homes; recovering a judgment representing a corporate Defendant that included $25,000 in sanctions against the attorney and the party who filed a frivolous lawsuit; and settling a variety of business and partnership disputes which resulted in the recovery of unpaid commissions, and shares of corporate stock for wrongfully frozen-out partners and terminated employees in a variety of businesses.

Our lawyers have represented clients in Texas and beyond, including California, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, Illinois, Canada and Mexico.

In Texas, we are fortunate to benefit from the hard work of our Hispanic community. Many individuals, families and business owners who need legal help are Hispanic or Spanish speaking. Unfortunately, the troubling truth is that Spanish speakers are more likely to be taken advantage of, either in their business or in personal matters simply because of the language barrier.  Do not be intimidated by the legal system because you do not speak English. The Courts are open to you, and we are here to try and help.

We are a bilingual law firm which readily helps Spanish speaking clients with their legal needs.

At Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP we believe that every client we help and every case put our hands to says something about the kind of lawyers and the kind of people we are.  We consider it our privilege to practice law and our job to fight for our clients, whether they are businesses or individuals, plaintiffs or defendants.

To speak to someone or learn more about our firm, please call us at 713-987-7100, email us at or use the contact form on this Website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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