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Hit And Run Accident

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Despite careful driving and safety precautions, car accidents, truck wrecks, and motor vehicle collisions on Texas roads and highways happen regularly. Reckless drivers or negligence can cause serious injuries and even wrongful death. However, knowing what parties are involved in an accident and who is liable is the key in determining how a recovery for injuries can be pursued. Hit and run accidents are sometimes difficult to determine liability in when an accident occurs. Even when it may be obvious that the hit and run victim is not at fault, getting recovery for injuries sustained can be an arduous process.

A hit and run auto collision occurs when a driver of a motor vehicle causes or contributes to an accident and fails to stop and provide their name. Years ago, accidents involving hit and run drivers that left an accident scene were often impossible to identify, especially when there were no witnesses or if the accident occurred in a rural area. Nowadays there are traffic cameras and other investigation technologies available to help identify hit and run drivers.

An experienced accident attorney that is familiar with hit and run accidents can help gather any relevant evidence and to track down the hit-and-run driver and hold those at fault accountable.

In situations where a hit and run driver cannot be located or recovered from, there are some instances where recovery may still be available. An experienced Texas accident injury lawyer & car wreck attorney can work with you to pursue financial recovery from any potential uninsured motorist carrier for the damage caused by the hit and run driver.

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