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Texas Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

The Houston & Texas cruise ship accident lawyers at Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP handle all types of cruise ship accident-injury claims, and pursue financial compensation for clients who have suffered cruise ship injuries. Filing a lawsuit against the cruise line or cruise ship operator may be an option to recover compensation for your injuries.

Texas has a number of cruise ships that depart from ports along the Gulf coast. Cruise ships are one of the best ways to see the world and visit exotic ports outside of Texas and the USA. Texas is often a starting point for many cruise ship vacation journeys around the world and a number of cruise ships dock and leave from Texas ports each day. Although cruise ship travel may seem generally safe, cruise ships accidents and injuries happen more often that you might expect. Cruise ships present a variety of potential dangers to passengers who aren’t expecting to sustain injuries and are ill prepared for such accidents. Cruise ships take passengers far from U.S. waters and bring them to foreign shores which can involve many different areas of the law when an accident happens. Some cruise ship accidents might involve issues of maritime law while others may be subject to both Federal laws and State laws depending on when and where the accident occurred.

Knowing the laws and what potential parties are liable in a cruise ship accident is often a key to obtaining the best possible settlement and financial compensation in a cruise ship injury case. Whether you have suffered a cruise ship injury because of a slip and fall or been injured due to a cruise ship employee’s negligence, Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP is prepared to help you pursue compensation for your damages & losses.

If you or someone you care about was injured on a cruise, the accident-injury lawyers at Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP can help. Our injury attorneys are dedicated to providing you with aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation, and committed to helping you obtain the monetary compensation you deserve. Call 713-255-9148 for a free initial consultation to see how we can help you with your cruise ship injury claim.