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Construction Site Accidents

Texas Construction Injury Attorneys

Construction sites can be found in almost any Texas city or town. From road construction, to commercial buildings, to residential construction, construction sites are everywhere. Injuries and accidents happen at construction sites regularly because construction sites are inherently dangerous workplaces. No matter what safety precautions that may be taken, there can be accidents that will happen because of unsafe equipment, negligent workers, careless sub-contractors, and poor construction management amongst other causes.

Construction site workers, sub-contractors, material suppliers, as well as visitors to construction sites and passersby are all at risk for accidents and injuries. Construction sites have a number of processes going on at the same time and it’s an often environment where humans, equipment, and heavy machinery are all in close proximity. Almost anything can happen if proper safety is not adhered to. Oftentimes material suppliers, tradesmen and subcontractors will come and go as they see fit, with each different party one increasing the chances that unsafe conditions may develop. Many construction sites will have debris left on the walking paths, large equipment and power cords visible, scaffolding and other elevated work surfaces without sufficient support, lack of safety precautions like hard hats, eyewear or other proper protective gear and inadequate training on proper safety procedures can and often do contribute to construction-site accidents, injuries and fatalities.

At Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP, we represent construction workers, construction laborers, journeymen and undocumented construction workers who may have suffered injuries on the job. We also handle accident and injury claims of construction site visitors and passersby that have sustained injuries by no fault of their own. Our Texas construction site accident attorneys would like to hear from you.

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