Civil Appeals

Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP handles a wide range of appeals in both U.S. federal and state courts.

The Houston Texas appeals attorneys of Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP handle federal & state civil appeals cases. Call a Houston Appeals Lawyer 713-987-7100 for a free appeals case evaluation.

Our Appellate Team at Simon Herbert & McClelland LLP handles appeals of cases tried by the firm’s lawyers, as well as cases tried by outside counsel. Clients include individuals as well as private companies.

Our Appellate Team includes attorneys who are former law review editors and law clerks for respected judges. We assist our clients in all phases of litigation, including case analysis and assessment; summary judgments and other case-dispositive motions; jury charge preparation; supersedeas issues; mediation; and amicus briefs. We have handled appeals for numerous areas of litigation, including:

  • Commercial Contract Disputes
  • Construction Defect
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Employment Litigation
  • Entertainment Contracts
  • Government Contracts
  • Insurance Coverage and Policy Disputes
  • Intellectual Property
  • Oil and Gas Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Products Liability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Mandamus

Some of the cases our attorneys have handled include:

  • In re Wells Fargo Bank Minn. N.A., 115 S.W.3d 600 (Tex. App.—Houston [14th Dist.] July 10, 2003, no pet.).
  • Sterling Bank v. Willard M, L.L.C., 221 S.W.3d 121 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] July 13, 2006, no pet.).
  • In re Gen. Metal Fabricating Corp., No. 01-06-00879-CV, 2006 WL 3316877 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] Nov. 16, 2006, no pet.) (mem. op.).
  • In re Gen. Metal Fabricating Corp., No. 01-08-00515-CV, 2008 WL 4427641 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] Oct. 02, 2008, no pet.) (mem. op.).
  • Summers v. Ron, No. 01-08-00651-CV, 2008 WL 5179030 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] Dec. 11, 2008, no pet.) (mem. op.).
  • Gen. Metal Fabricating, Corp. v. Stergiou, No. 01-08-00921-CV, 2009 WL 3673112 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] Nov. 05, 2009, no pet.) (mem. op.).
  • Howard v. Weston, 354 F. App’x 75 (5th Cir. 2009).
  • Cole v. Jana Holdings, Ltd., No. 01-10-00155-CV, 2010 WL 4484358 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] Nov. 10, 2010, no pet.) (mem. op.).
  • Qureshi v. United States, 600 F.3d 523 (5th Cir. 2010).
  • Christus Health Se. Tex. v. Keegan, No. 09–10–00480–CV, 2011 WL 3206851 (Tex. App.—Beaumont July 28, 2011, no pet.) (mem. op.).
  • Myers v. Keegan, No. 09–11–00169–CV, 2011 WL 3848096 (Tex. App.—Beaumont Aug. 31, 2011, no pet.) (mem. op.).
  • Gen. Metal Fabricating, Corp. v. Stergiou, ___ S.W.3d ___, No. 01–11–00460–CV, 2012 WL 1922816 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] May 24, 2012, no pet. h.).

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