Our Practice Areas

  • Business & Commerce Code

    Commercial Litigation

    When businesses quarrel, effective counsel is essential. We handle a broad range of business disputes, including breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, commercial debt collection, shareholder disputes, real estate litigation and oil and gas rights.

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  • Texas Consumer Law

    Personal Injury & Safety

    We represent individuals who have been injured in automobile, 18 wheeler, workplace and maritime accidents, along with defective products, like dangerous and defective tires, that can cause serious and sometimes permanent injuries. In the case of contract for deed or rent-to-own homes, we also represent those threatened with eviction or foreclosure.

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  • Texas Employment Codes

    Employment Law

    Federal and State laws protect workers from workplace harassment, discrimination and under-payment of wages. Workers are also entitled to FMLA leave for medical emergencies, and soldiers have the right to return to their pre-active duty jobs without a reduction in wages, benefits or seniority status. If you’ve been treated unfairly by your employer, we may be able to help.

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  • Insurance laws & statutes

    Insurance Claims

    If you are continually waiting on an insurance company’s adjuster to pay your claim, you may need more than patience – you may need a lawyer. There is a name for this kind of duck, dodge and delay tactic: fraud, breach of contract and bad faith. Our law firm may be able to help.

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  • Texas Civil Appeals

    Civil Appeals

    Have you won your trial and need to protect your judgment? Or do you need an appellate court to correct the judge’s or jury’s mistake? Our appellate lawyers handle a wide range of civil appeals in both federal and state courts. We handle our own appeals in our own cases, as well as those tried by outside attorneys.

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